sunnuntai 9. kesäkuuta 2013

Ett sommarveckoslut

Kesän säänjumalat valloillaan
//the beauty of the summer weather changes

Official summer opening @ work

Catering by Café Rongo. Rihkamakatu 12. Porvoo
Delicious brownies and small topped bread finger food!!

Riverside unofficial car show! Nice view.

The band about to start
Great acoustic style music.

Our dog today who just a moment before taking this pic tried to escape....found him sitting in front of a car on our backyard's carpark...don't know what went through is little mind ... :) glad i found him :D and let's also be glad he moves so slowly, he did just want to explore the area i suppose...
After a weekend full of happenings, today a calm sunday brunch/breakfast on the balkony.
Love it when the sun is shining from one day to another!! Let's enjoy the summer and life.

Kuuntelen juuri iskelmäradiota, sieltä tuli seuraavanlainen vanha kaunis kappale, haha:D
// Im listen to Iskelmä radio and they played a nice oldie goldie


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