perjantai 31. toukokuuta 2013

Britannia state of mind

Niitä viimeisen Englanti viikon kuvia!
//the last England week in pictures


Cosmopolitan and deep red lipstick = uber chic

British top chef's Michael Caines fine dining restaurant, and the food was delicious

English breakfast includes everything "healthy" like crisps:)

Liverpool day

What I definetly love about Liverpool is the fine architecture

Penthouse literally

dining again

In windy and cold England. Now in tropical Finland.. :)

Our lobby bar

Then it was time for some London tripping
(and it was raining for a change)

Illaksi pilvipeite rakoili ja sai hienoja Waterloo fotoja :)

hanat soimaan

Pretty wall in a London Waterloo pub


The Eye was definetly worth to see in the evening !!

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