maanantai 31. maaliskuuta 2014

Make a wish: Givenchy Antigona leather tote

Pictures: top Antigona Sugar Medium  - last Antigona Medium Shiny

Mikäs sen parempaa viikonloppu-ajanvietettä, kuin avata Selfridgesin laukkuosaston ja vähän tiirailla (ei sentään shoppailla) mitä sieltä löytyykään. (nyt onkin jo uusi viikko mutta mikäs sillä, voihan sitä katsella milloin vain.) Mulla on suunnitelmissa jo tässä vaiheessa minkälaisen laukun haluan tuolta kiikuttaa ostoskoriin, sitten, tiedätte kyllä, laukkujen hinnathan seikkailee tuolla tonnin paremmalla puolella. Olenkin suunnitellut, että ostan tämän sitten valmistujaislahjaksi, kun olen säästänyt sen verran ekstraa, eli saattaa mennä vuosi-kaksi valmistumisen jälkeenkin mutta oli se milloin tahansa, se saa olla valmistujaislahja joka tapauksessa.

Se laukku jonka tällöin ostan, tulee olemaan joku noista Givenchyn ylläolevista, kysymys kuuluu vain että mikä niistä. Kahden kärjen olen kasannut tuohon ylle - niin tyylikkäitä ja omalla tavallaan ajattomia. Tavallaan tuo viimeinen nude,Medium Shiny, houkuttelisi ehkä eniten. Mustaakin suunnittelin, ihan vain sen ajattomuuden tähden, mutta mun tyyli kallistuu aina loppupeleissä väreihin. No, tätä kun tässä onneksi on aikaa suunnitella, laukkuostos tapahtuu jossain siellä tulevaisuudessa, mutta on ainakin mitä odottaa!

Haaveilevaa alkuviikkoa kaikille (sekä alkanutta kesäaikaa) !

//What would be more fun to do on your spare time on weekends, than look at the gorgeous Selfridges-bags? (Of course, not shopping, just watching and planning, that doesn't cost anything right?) Even though It's a new week already - you can watch anytime! I've been planning in advance, which kind of bag I want to get to myself as a "late graduation gift", might it be one or two years after graduation, depends on when I've managed to save enough. 

The bag which I'm gonna buy is most likely to be one of those Givenchy Antigona bags above - the question is, which one. I planned also a black one, but I am more of a colour-person, I very rarely choose black if there's other colour options, although black is always black and timeless. Thank god, I have time to plan when starting it this early, gonna buy it sometime in the future!

Have a nice beginning of the week (and beginning of summertime) !

lauantai 29. maaliskuuta 2014

Favourite checked

Blazer Primark
Shoes Shanghai
Skirt Pimkie/Germany
Shirt Warehouse
Necklace Kappahl
Bracelet Ur&Penn

Tummanvihreä on erikoinen väri, mutta jollain tavalla myös aika tyylikäs, ja bleiserihän pelastaa aina viikkoisin asun kuin asun. Yhdessä postaukessa aiemmin jo vihjailinkin ostaneeni vintage kengät matkalla, ja tuossa ne olisi, täytyy vielä erikseen kehua miten hyvän ryhdin ne antaa kävelyyn! Mulla on vähän "lättänät" jalat luonnosta, joten kenkien pitäisi tosiaan antaa ryhtiä ja tukea, ja sitä nämä tosiaan antaa. Mua oikein jännitti ottaa nämä ekaa kertaa käyttöön, olivat muutenkin vähän arvokkaammat mutta laatukengistä, vielä Italiassa aidosta nahasta valmistetuista, ymmärtää että joutuu maksaa hieman ekstraa. Ja myöskin siitä, että kengät ovat hyvät jalassa ja tuovat ryhtiä, kuuluu niihin plussapuoliin, mitä saa kun satsaa jalkineisiin. Nyt täytyykin varmasti alkaa lukemaan ohjeita, miten suojata ja hoidella nahkakenkiä, kun kaikki edelliset ovat olleet tekonahkaa! Pohjia voi varmasti käydä hoitaa suutarilla, kun ne väistämättä kuluvat käytössä.

Hyvää lauantaipäivää ja viikonloppua kaikille!

//Dark green is a quite special colour, but somehow I find it stylish, and that blazer always saves my outfits during the week! In one previous post I told you about finding new vintage shoes, and now I wanted to give you a closer look. I have to say, they are so good for my feet and overall posture, as my feet are a bit "flat" which means I really would need all my shoes to be of a good quality. These were actually one of my first a bit more expensive shoes I bought, but I could not be happier. The real Italian leather looked so sophisticated, that I was a bit nervous to wear these the first time. Now I have to read online some caring-tips for leather shoes, because these are gonna be used a lot. The bottom and heel can be fixed at the shoemaker when needed, since they will wear out eventually.

Have a good weekend all!

torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

Hunting for Sustainable Shanghai

When arriving to Shanghai, which at the moment holds a population of nearly 24 million inhabitants, and a thick pollution cover, you might wonder where to find anything sustainable. Well, my mission was to figure that out!

Many people recognize Shanghai from the shiny, always developing skyscrapers, the Bund and the busy shopping street Nanjing Road. After visiting these, let the work begin - find something ecologic in a mass-producing city,  where money talks.

I will be very honest right from the beginning: Finding anything eco in Shanghai is a tricky one, but it is definitely possible. With a very specific research done beforehand, I found some fantastic shops and boutiques - acting as pioneers in the Shanghai raising eco-scene.

My main area of research was the French Concession, which is a great escape from the  crowded sightseeing places in the city. This considerably more silent and peaceful area quickly turned to be my favourite of the whole trip. My first visit was Mian Hua Tian, a exclusive Showroom-styled boutique, featuring designers from countires such as Germany, Sweden and Italy, carefully picked and available only a few per item. The scarf in the first picture is made of recycled materials, and the clothes overall are unique and the brand of the shop is to provide good quality and timeless design. I loved the little garden and the gallery-feel of the place, i even got to enjoy a cup of tea in this creative space! Thanks to the research and by seeing pictures of the shop beforehand, I recognized the garden and knew, this is the place.

The real treasures are well hidden! In The Former French Concession, I also found the eco-shop I read most about in advance, Urban Tribe. This shop offered a range of eco-made clothes, beautiful tableware, small teacups and organic tea with some tasty little raw treats, which I enjoyed in the peaceful garden. This place was actually the one where I felt the most far away from the hassle of the big city life!

Next up was The Nike Concept Store, where everything inside is built 100% out of "trash" by Taiwanese architectural firm Miniwiz Sustainable development. Built up in last July, this concept store is made using thousands of old CD's, DVD's and soda bottles and cans. This type of creative recycling is a great statement to the fact that millions of bottles are thrown away in China.

The last research day I learned a lot about the eco-scene in Shanghai. In the morning, i headed to Eco Village to find a shop called Squirrelz. As i arrived I got to notice, that this huge new development is still under construction as new buildings and shops were built at the moment. I went to the nearby raw smoothie bar to wait for Squirrelz to open. I was very soon greeted by shop owners Bunny and Nico, who told me a lot about the different designers and the purpose of the business. They decided to open a shop so that different crafty designers would have a opportunity to showcase their products together with other eco conscious labels, of whom many works on a charity base.  I especially liked the old metallic box clocks (picture above) - a creative way of showing that anything can be turned into something hip. Squirrelz want's to raise the awareness about sustainable products and their aim is to show that eco products can be fun and creative!
Nico told me about the up and coming Shanghai Eco Exhibition, The Eco Design Fair (held next month) which has grown and attracted over 10,000 visitors per year in the recent years.

From Squirrelz, I got a recommendation about Eco&More, a shop back in French Concession. They had a small range of eco swimwear and were mainly focused on childrenswear made ecologically. I loved the organic foods, beauty and tea products the shop offered, and they also keep sustainable events. The recycling machine was interesting, where you can refill your dish washing liquid bottle.

Overall, I found my research trip very successful, made many good contacts and I was excited about all the new things I learned about the growing sustainable trend in China. Apparently, it is at the moment mostly popular along foreigners, since native Chinese people are not particularly interested in recycling and eco-lifestyle, since they have been raised and living in a society of massproduction and a non-recycling environment (bottles are thrown to landfills etc.) But thankfully, there is hope for a better future, as small things can make a big change! It is brave that there's eco entrepreneurs in a tricky city for such venture, like Shanghai.
To finish my report, I would like to take this opportunity to thank UCLAN from all my heart - you made my dream come true by providing me a chance to go on this overseas adventure! It was the time of my life, It was highly beneficial for my creative studies and it raised my braveness indeed to travel so far alone. Thank you - Xie Xie!

/Nina, BA (Hons) Fashion Entrepreneurship, 2.Year Student

Visited Shanghai, China, 1.3-16.3 2014.

tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

Life is a interesting journey - you never know where it will take you

Good evening big city!

Elämä on pitkä valtatie ja joskus mukkuroiden (sekä eksymisien) jälkeen huomaat, että se onkin varsin mukava matka!

Joskus sen valtatien varrelle muodostuu tienhaaroja, joissa sinun tulee päättää minnepäin mennä,toisinsanoen nämä ovat valintoja joten pitää tietää jospa sitä poikkeaisi hetkeksi siltä päävaltatieltä. Tämä voi olla ratkaisevaa monenkin asian kannalta. Kun syksyllä 2012 valitsin tienhaarakseni Englannin, en voinut oikeastaan ajatella, että se tuo mukanaan myös tienhaaran Shanghaihin, joka toi mukanaan vaihtoehdon käydä katselemassa maisemia World Financial Centerin 492 metrin korkeudessa sekä nauttimaan drinkkiä 94. kerroksen cocktailbaarissa! Nämä elämän tienpolut ovat ikuisesti mieleen jääviä. Näen kaiken mahdollisuutena ja tykkään haastaa itseni tekemään hurjiakin asioita ja mihin ikinä ryhdyn, teen sen aina täysillä. Nyt olen takaisin sillä tiellä jonka päätepysäkin tavoittelua on jäljellä enään reilu vuosi, chasing that paper and living my life! Mikä on sinun valtatie ja tienristeykset?

//I consider life as a big highway and though you might sometimes feel lost and the ride seems bumpy, you will eventually see it's been a hell of a journey!

What also happens is that there will appear crossroads on your way, these are called choices. It's up to you to decide, whether or not to change the route for a while. In the fall of 2012, I decided to take the road leading to England - and could not in my biggest dreams have thought that it takes me later to Shanghai and ultimately, to watch the views from 492-metre World Financial Center,and have a cocktail at the floor drink bar. These are all things which remains in my memory forever! I consider everything as an opportunity and I like to challenge myself and whatever I start I finish it with all my heart. Now I'm back on the road which will hopefully take me in a year to it's final destination, what Im chasing the most - chasing the paper and living my life! What are you chasing?

There's only one way and that's up, remember that always whatever your chasing, and eventually, we all with the same way of thinking will meet there at the top!

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